• Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

Brenda Kadhaya-Contestant Woman MP Mayuge District


Brenda Kadhaya aka Mama Bitabo is a daughter to Mr and Mrs David Kyeyago Maleka of Luwanula village in Imanyiro Subcounty Mayuge District, am married to Eng Musasizi James a Civil Engineer by profession, we are residents at Imanyiro subcounty in Mayuge District.

Am aspiring for the post of Woman MP Mayuge District 2021.i was nicknamed mama Bitabo. I help the orphans and needy children in Mayuge with books, sets, pens, pencils, reusable pads and other scholastic materials. I also give some small bursaries to the children



When u look at Mayuge as a District, there is no single branch of a University. So if iam elected i will work hand on hand with my fellow MPs and we shall lobby for one. Trust me when we lobby a branch of a University and it comes to Mayuge, it will develop our area. The hostel owners will earn income, shop owners will earn income, Boda bodas will continue earning etc. The teachers are earning a low pay. When iam elected, i will bring it on the floor of Parliament so the teachers’ salaries not only in Mayuge but in Uganda as whole can be increased.


There is no referral hospital in Mayuge. If elected, i will work hand in hand with my fellow MPs and we lobby one so that instead of moving our patients to other hospitals, we take them to our Mayuge referral hospital When elected. I shall make surè that there is medicine in the health centres in Mayuge.


In Mayuge we have many bad   roads but when elected. I and my fellow MPs shall make surè these roads are included in the district financial year budgets and that they are constructed


Today as talk, Coffee is one of the cash crops grown in Mayuge so they just remove the husks from Mayuge and the processing is done from Kampala and then it is exported through busia to Kenya. Mayuge has no Coffee plant. So when elected, i will make surè Coffee is processed from Mayuge not Kampala and so it will bring in more income to Mayuge people

In Mayuge, it is very hard for sugarcane growers to get permits to supply the ready sugar cane to factories. So if iam elected, i will put a good relationship with the factory owners so that i can lobby for permits for Mayuge people to supply sugarcane easily;

Social Protection.

Money for old people from the Government. These old people earn 25000/= monthly and it comes quarterly. But also they say someone has to be 80years to access this money. So if elected, i will bring it on the floor of Parliament so that the money is increased at least to 50000/= but also decrease on the age from 80 years to at least 60 years as the case is in public service

Lobbying for Mayuge municipality

Currently, we have Mayuge town council under Mayuge District Local Government.  if iam elected as a Woman MP, i will together with my fellow MPs lobby for   Mayuge municipality and we do away with Mayuge town council. If it becomes a Municipality, we can lobby further and Mayuge municipality can be included on the list of USMID municipalities a World Bank project which gives municipalities funds to construct their roads and so Mayuge municipality will benefit as well.

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