• Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Hon Sharon Balmoyi distributes maize seeds to house holds in Gulu

Hon Sharon Balmoyi distributes maize seeds to households in Gulu. Nowip Press Reports

Gulu District Woman MP Hon Sharon Balmoyi at the beginning of the month of September 2021 distributed Maize seeds to Households in Kulu-Keno and Pabwo Parish, owoo Subcounty in Gulu District.

Hon Balmoyi came into rescue of these families whose crops had been destroyed by the heavy rains and hailstorms that awash Gulu District in the month of August leaving so many families without food.

Hon Balmoyi said that these maize seeds given to them are to be planted by these families so that in two or 3 months times, they can have what to eat and sell the surplus to the market to earn some money which they can use to cater for their needs.

The beneficiaries thanked Hon Balmoyi for the good and caring heart for coming up to rescue them in such a trying and helpless moment. The beneficiaries also told Hom Balmoyi that they lacked access to clean water after most of their wells going dry while others broke down.

Balmoyi promised to dig some boreholes in the area to sort out the matter as soon as possible.

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