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In partnership with the Akina Mama Wa Africa (AMwA), the Network of Women in Politics of Uganda (NOWIP) shall host a post-Independence Day Women’s Dialogue on October 20, 2021, at Hotel Africana in Kampala. The theme of the dialogue is counting gains, gaps and setting plans for women’s political participation to create a space for women leaders, civic actors and political leaders to dialogue on the intersections of independence and women’s political leadership in Uganda.  The dialogue shall attract over hundreds of Women in Politics from Uganda.

It is built upon the upcoming regional women’s leadership convention slated for 28th-29th October, 2021 that has been organized by various partners under the theme: Women’s political leadership: “Building back transformatively”.

The main purpose of this dialogue is to explore alternative strategies to advance women’s leadership during this time when many lack a clear direction to advance their political career.

Specific objectives shall include:

1)         To hold a post-Independence Day dialogue where youth and women leaders in politics can address issues concerning women’s political leadership;

2)         To strengthen and amplify young and women political leaders’ agency and voice for gender justice in political processes;

3)         To create a space to network, share knowledge, and purpose for promoting women’s political participation in Uganda among a cross generation of leaders.

4)         To formulate joint actions by Women in Politics for the next 5 years of political participation and growth.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has uncovered and worsened global inequalities, especially along gender lines and not least in already challenging situations characterized by vulnerability and reduction in political enthusiasm among women. Despite this, not enough attention has so far been given to the long-term negative consequences especially post the 2021 general elections to ensure women’s continuous political participation.

As the global community continues to grapple with the recovery and simultaneously seeks to build resilience against future crises, there is a unique opportunity to develop comprehensive set of actions is presented by AMWA and NOWIP. This focuses on formulating own actions for engagement as a move to strengthen women’s political participation and identify ways to rectify structural gender inequalities and explore how women’s leadership can be amplified and formally recognized as key players in ushering the development of Uganda, frontliners of the feminism agenda and as advocates of change through politics for development.

As a result of the dialogue, an action plan by diverse actors to advance women’s political rights in Uganda shall be published to guide the next planning and will be used as a benchmark to engage more Women in feminism actions, leadership and politics for enhanced collaboration.

Babirye Lilliane Executive Director NOWIP

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