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Deputy Speaker Hon Anita Among to lead Women Members of Parliament in helping the girl child

Deputy Speaker Hon Anita Among to lead Women Members of Parliament in helping the girl child.

Deputy Speaker of parliament Hon Anita Among met the Uganda women in parliament association group on Saturday where they discussed issues relating to helping the girl child during this pandemic.

Hon Among said that if women leaders work together, they shall without a doubt go far. Hon Among added that starting with Busia District, the group shall be donating items to help girls who got pregnant during the lockdown and are facing difficulties. She said that with the little the group has, they can give sewing machines and other items to support their livelihood.

“We should as women MPs be people of substance who stand for the rights of the less privileged women and girls. I will be moving across the country with other leaders to support the girls who have been left helpless by the pandemic. ” Hon Among added

Hon Among while talking to the association’s leaders said that her own view is that the other government wealth creation programs like the Parish model implementation mechanisms shouldn’t affect the women’s fund because most of the benefits go to men. She added that the women must be protected and thus she implores women MPs to make a case for it in the NRM Caucus.

Hon Among said that the association will come up with a calendar to see where they start from so that their dream is actualized as far as helping the girl child is concerned.

She says this will begin with a workshop and she has directed her office to organize one for women MPs so that they can have a heart-to-heart talk and discuss issues as Women urging them not to allow the upcoming UWOPA elections to divide them.

Hon Anita Among is among the top high profile women in politics occupying the few top seats in the political hierarchy in the country.

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