• Wed. May 29th, 2024

Alebtong Woman MP Acen Builds Ugx450 Million Youth Skilling Centre

Alebtong District Woman Member of Parliament, Dorcus Acen, has built a youth skilling centre worth Ugx450million to spur empowerment among the young people.

Vulnerable youth get skilling center in Alebtong - New Vision Official

The centre, which is located within the Alebtong town council, was commissioned on Tuesday by  Vice President Maj. (Rtd.) Jessica Alupo, who was represented by the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Dennis Hampson Obua.

While commissioning the centre, GCW Obua said the facility will offer different vocational and hands-on training courses to youths in a bid to empower them.

“This centre is not only for the girls who are victims of early pregnancy or dropout but for all the vulnerable youths,” said MP Acen.

According to MP Acen, many courses will be taught at the centre, including tailoring, hairdressing, bread making, welding and metal fabrication, carpentry and joinery, recording studio, and others.

MP Acen Dorcus added that they have a plan to extend some courses, like tailoring, to each sub-county.

In her message delivered by the GCW’s MP Denis Obua, Vice President Alupo congratulated MP Acen for successfully establishing the centre, saying it will support the government in empowering youths.

She said the government is focused more on escalating wealth and ensuring that households are brought into the money economy.

This is the first youth skilling centre to be established in the Lango subregion.

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