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Women Political Projects

NOWIP PROVIDES SPACE FOR women candidates to showcase political activities they are doing in their respective constituencies for sisterhood support, benchmarking and experience sharing.

Women 4 Her Projects

NOWIP press show cases projects women in politics are doing for the girl child country wide, in schools and in communities.

Nansirumbi Agnes

Madam Nasirumbi Agnes bears a  a disability but nothing has stopped her from vying for a very big seat which is the woman MP representing persons with disabilities on the national level. Aside from this, she also has a baking business that she has used and skilled many other women with disabilities to still remain valuable to their communities.

Kakayi Zerida

While she served as a youth activist and a member of activist was abducted and tortured in May 2016 by some police officials for about five days and later rescued by residents in Gulu District. She sustained a number of injuries in the back, was injected with some chemicals. This left her with some post traumatic effects and still suffers from like visual difficulties till today but this has never stopped her from building her political career and still encouraging other women to vie for various political positions despite the various challenges that they face. For her these are mere obstacles that cannot stop her from achieving her goal as a woman activist and politician. She’s also contesting in the upcoming elections for the post of LCV woman councillor for Nakawa Division.

Owek Christine Mugerwa

Having served in various political positions and being a woman that is still vying for the post of LCV woman Councillor Rubaga Division in the upcoming elections, was personally targeted to reach out to other women on how she has actively remained relevant in politics despite being a woman and the various challenges women face, and also give some words of encouragement to women out there who are still struggling to make it in the political field.

 Nassimbwa Hamidah

A strong woman who is vying for MP Busiro East, where she’s competing in a male dominated position, but nothing has stopped her from standing with the men because she believes that she’s equally capable and can even serve the people of Busiro East better.

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